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Friends we know that acid rain is causing a great damage to monuments and buildings around the world, we should also know how it's affecting the world wonders. Now lets look how the Indian beauty ( world wonder ) is being affected by it.

The first picture was taken some decades back, it shows how Tajmahal was looking at that time and the picture in the right was taken 4 years back.

The second picture shows the present
affected status of Tajmahal.

The third picture showing a onument picture that was affected seriously by Tajmahal.

These kinds of damages are non-reversible. Tajmahal was built by the mughal emperor shajahan during the mughal period. Since the area in which Tajmahal is located is surrounded by many industries and factories they emit more amount of pollutants in to the atmosphere, they even release toxic components, acidic components in to the near by water bodies. As i have mentioned early in this blog the water bodies follows the normal water cycle. So the rain forming around that area will be having high acidic content in it. A regular visitor to tajmahal would notice the change of color of the monument. previously it would be in white colour but now the colour has changed in to light yellow. The government of India is constantly enacting laws to prevent the factories from causing pollution in to the atmosphere which would directly cause a adverse change in to Tajmahal.

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